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Bathroom design

Stylish & elegant solution to bathroom furniture, in white.

A simple & organised storage, lowered countertop & the sink floating on top – super nice!


Take care / Marie

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Elfa – shelving system

I thought this was a simple yet great solution. Whether you have a small space somewhere that you would like to use in a clever way, or not.

This solution is made by Elfa shelving system but there are dozens of brands & varieties on the market.

It’s only to choose what suits you.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, homey

I like this homey & very personal kitchen. It was featured in a Swedish magazine rather recently. White flooring, white walls & a lovely blue colour on kitchen cabinets. Very organised & lovely with all visible household utensils.

skonahem / skonahem.se

Take care / Marie

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Clothes rack

I’m reluctant to have clothes laying around, especially when it’s easy to hang everything neat & organized in the closet – easy to find, pick up or put away, everything at will. To make it work for my sons who don’t have time to hang up their clothes in a wardrobe or like to have any structure – you have to find a workable solution. Their  “bedrobe” solution isn’t working, meaning havingall their things on the bed. I refuse to leave things as they are just because my young ones seems to think that they have more important things on their mind. I am a mother, after all. To allow them to have all their clothes in the bed or on the floor – no thank you!

We have to sit down & discuss this together. Which in turn means that I get an instant response, where they are quite willing to come up with a solution. You don’t want to take a discussion with a mother, if you can avoid it. So a clothes rack is in this situation a perfect option AND it works, for all of us 🙂

morningslightWhite, fresh & coordinated in black & white / morningslight

yellowtraceMinimalistic black clothes rack with wooden bottom / yellowtrace

VT WonenStyling in grey & white / vtwonen.nl

interiorguidenCorner detail / interiorguiden

sanctuary White with decorative wood details / sanctuary

pinterest.comwhite, thin model for minimal visibility / pinterest.com

keroiam.tumblr.comRomantic touch with white / keroiam.tumblr.com

sukha-amsterdam.nlUntreated timber for children’s clothing / sukha-amsterdam.nl

trendsnow.netSimple, just to lean against the wall, also a plus with storage / trendsnow.net

thesuperordinary.comWell, what can I say, just great! / thesuperordinary.com

bodieandfou.comIndustrial style / bodieandfou.com

emmasdesignbloggBlack simple base model / emmasdesignblogg

bloesem.blogs.comDesign based on gravity / bloesem.blogs.com

pinterestTwo solutions in one / livethemma

honeypielivingetc.blogspot.com.esSimple solution in metal / honeypielivingetc.blogspot.com.es

Take care / Marie

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