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 Kitchen feel

I think I’ve posted similar picture earlier or even the same, but I’m fond of this picture … for the strong kitchen-feel it inspires – the combination of modern kitchen gadget with traditional utensils.

cookrepublic / twitter


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen towels

Sometimes a simple solution with simple items, can be utterly appealing in its simplicity. A couple of brushes & kitchen towels, hanging on hooks on a dark wooden wall – and there you go, a nice solution!


take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, chalk board

Nice styling – it might not be functional in daily life but a nice idea nonetheless. Every thing in its place with white shelf’s, black background & white text.

twitter.com:SydneySofaMaker/ twitter.com:SydneySofaMaker

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, homey

I like this homey & very personal kitchen. It was featured in a Swedish magazine rather recently. White flooring, white walls & a lovely blue colour on kitchen cabinets. Very organised & lovely with all visible household utensils.

skonahem / skonahem.se

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, space

Long benchtop with extra deep surface including surface along the wall for easily accessible items. Nice with masonry wall to a light wooden bench top & those white door-cabinets. It’s also nice to not have the usual top cabinets, which means you get a more airy impression. Definitely easy to be several who cooks at the same time.


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