Let there be light

It darkens so fast here in Australia. Even though it is spring now & the evening light stays longer as we draw towards the summer. Now, there are some ways to make it nice & bright during the dark period of the year. I’ve become fond of light-strings. Don’t ask me where it came from – I just found myself on the search after those in shops & stores. It has to be the right model & size. I discovered loads of different design & variations. Many are rather large & clumpy while others are nicely done. But no ones looks like the one I have in mind.

I’ll have to look further when I have more time on hand. Until then, there’s quite a lot to be inspired by – if not in stores then at least online.

mocastore.orgSweet & simple /

decocrush.tumblr.comWelcoming & exciting /

studiokarinNice size / studiokarin

fancy.comIndustrial look / Irregularly decorated /

bloglovinFits everywhere / bloglovin

sunday-suppers.comDiscreet in the background /

apartmenttherapy.comStarry sky /

fancy.comFestive feeling / fancy.comkickstartsaving.comA bit feminine with ruffles /

room269.tumblr.comRight in style as well as size  /

femme.seCorner light /

fancy.comNicely towards the evening /

tumblr.comSomething like this in my backyard /

thesweetoccasion.comFor the outdoor dinners /

archimagsDiscrete on the day & nice in the evening /

 Take care / Marie

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Green zones

I’m not an outdoors person or particularly interested in nature. I know it sounds horrible but it’s probably not the worst though. What’s worse is that my two sons are alike. My husband claims to be an active outdoors person. But that’s not entirely true, even if the rest of us in the family isn’t making a big deal of it. We are just wondering when he activates his great hobby – since he always spends his free time with us. We are on the go & active with one or the other but it’s more city emphasised, however. Although I have to admit, that I lately have felt an urge to get out into the forest, take some walks & breathe fresh air. Hear & behold! I hope it has something to do with development, of some kind.

anicechange.tumblr/ anicechange.tumblr

yinywhitedaisies.tumblr/ yinywhitedaisies.tumblr

wistfullycountry.tumblr/ wistfullycountry.tumblr

kirstin Mckee via flickr/ kirstin Mckee via flickr

Take care / Marie

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Rug (s) candy

l’ve been looking for rugs to our livingroom but also to our sons rooms too. It’s not that easy really. There’s a lot of rugs out there, amongst to choose between. Great variety but still. One moment I decide to go for an oriental style & thereafter to choose a more modern, simple & one-colored rug. I will leave it for a while. We have currently white rugs & they are looking a bit tired & worn now. My son went to Sweden for a couple of weeks & brought back a black & white three meter long runner in plastic. Pappelinas famous design. I’m thinking about the right place for it – probably the hallway. That’s a good start 🙂

miloandmitzyGorgeous rugs / miloandmitzy

decohoy.comColour & patter /

ingerstedt Sophisticated  / ingerstedt

theapartment.comModern design /

desiretoinspire Nice pattern / desiretoinspire runners /

skonahem Bohemian country style / skonahem

boligpluss.noCaramel-colored runners /

annagillar.seEarth based colours / annagillar

pinterest.comDifferent shades of green / & white /

fancy.comComfortable for small feet /

annagillarColour coordinated / annagillar

myscandinavianhomeRunners  for kids / myscandinavianhome

countrystyleStrong colours / countrystyle

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, piles,

I’ve just gone through piles of books & magazines to try to clear some of my collections. I have not the heart to throw any of this although much of the magazines are old. It’s simply not possible. That’s why this picture fit as well as today’s image love.

atmycasa/ atmycasa

Take care / Marie

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I’ve been up in the attic to look up our old chandelier that we bought when we were first married. What was for many many years ago. But these classic lights never goes out of time. This one is a classic chandelier, like the first picture below, but something simpler in shape. They can of course have incredibly different looks. The great thing is that they work in all areas of the home no matter what style it is.

My thought is to plug in our old one in the hallway which has high ceiling. But I guess that we have to have family council before we can take a decisions. Everyone has to have a point of view on what & why, if we are to change at home. Don’t know why we took that path when they were small, the guys. It’s not as charming now when they have the need to express what they think – all the time 🙂

pinterest.comWhite & beautiful /

countrystyleWith colour / countrystyle

fleaingfrance.comXXL size /

fromscandinaviawithloveDecorative / fromscandinaviawithlove

inspiredesign.tumblr.comRomantic /

interiordeclineMagnificent beauties / interiordecline

jessicahelgersoninteriordesignRound & flat / jessicahelgersoninteriordesign

marieolssonnylander photographyOriental influence / marieolssonnylander photography

ninafarmerinteriors.blogspot.auSeveral in a row /

organized-clutter.tumblr.comSimple & sweet /

Grand / parisboutiquehotel via

bellacella.tumblr.comNice setting /

theyallhateus.comTimeless /

skonahem.seEmbellish the outdoor patio /

traditionalhome.comNice in the bedroom /

casasugar.comSimple beauty /

Take care / Marie

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