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Black and white

Wide baseboards, beautiful ceiling, window with plenty of natural light, the nice round table, small gallery with frames … lots of nice details … and the white curtain 👌



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Attic bedroom

A romantic attic bedroom with low ceilings & untreated wooden beams with only the bare essentials – makes me extremely delighted.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, ceiling

Lovely interior with unusual rounded ceiling that gives a huge impression of height & space. The white walls continues with wooden slats & placement of windows makes the room interesting. The combination of white, grey & brown in furniture & furnishings creates a restful environment.twitter.com:Dezeen


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, white kitchen

A fun way to frame a surface while it’s relatively transparent so that it feels as an extension of the room. With all walls white, internal & external, including the ceiling, glass cabinets & windows, the whole feels very airy. The actual kitchen has an impression of an embrace which makes the surface gentler & inviting because of the rounded front.

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Take care / Marie

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I’ve been up in the attic to look up our old chandelier that we bought when we were first married. What was for many many years ago. But these classic lights never goes out of time. This one is a classic chandelier, like the first picture below, but something simpler in shape. They can of course have incredibly different looks. The great thing is that they work in all areas of the home no matter what style it is.

My thought is to plug in our old one in the hallway which has high ceiling. But I guess that we have to have family council before we can take a decisions. Everyone has to have a point of view on what & why, if we are to change at home. Don’t know why we took that path when they were small, the guys. It’s not as charming now when they have the need to express what they think – all the time 🙂

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