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Amazing pieces, beautifully glazed with a feeling of decades back, 60s-70s & definitely an upgrade to the dinner table.

Credit m: lifewithceramics | Instagram
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Donuts đŸ© the traditional type that’s just dipped in sugar, are my favourites.  Don’t mind these with chocolate.

Credit: food52.com

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Porcelain in beautiful gray glazed surface and a clean soft and simple design. Somewhat influenced by the 50s too.



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Image love, Nordic

I wonder how many people would fall for this solution. It’s different with the white glazed floor & the white-painted logs on the wall & ceiling. A lovely contrast to the dark brown kitchen. It is a bit daring to take it that far but you do get a liberating expression as you become the only one to have. If I like it? Yes, sure I do!

nordicdesign.ca/ nordicdesign.ca

Take care / Marie

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