I have checked in on family & friends on FB during the Swedish summer & all seemed to enjoy their summer, when the sun is up & working, which haven’t always been the case. Summer is over by now, back home.  At the same time, we are heading into the first days of spring, in Australia. Not that we can complain about the winter weather – sunny, hot & truly wonderful, all in all.

We have pool thoughts in terms of our backyard. We have in any case come so far, that we’ve agree that it should be a tall form slender pool that’s ideal for swimming. We want to save some of the garden to fruit trees & greenery, of course. This is still in its infancy & a lot could happen before we take the first steps. So meanwhile, I’m enjoying all kinds of pools around the world, through some web browsing. Life can be so simple sometimes, right? Everything is within reach in terms of inspiration. These pools are more from a holiday angle but it’s nice anyway. That ‘s what pool-life is about, after all.

google.com1. White & blue luxury /

fancy.com2. Fresh & salty water in sight /

aoolayercake.com3. Pure beauty /


karmajimbaran resort, Bali / google.com5. Karmajimbaran resort, Bali /

mensreverie.com6. Relaxing environment /

charmingspaces7. Coastal feeling / charmingspaces

inspired-design8. Lazy days / inspired-design

Hotel Katikies, Santorini / photobucket9. Hotel Katikies, Santorini /

giftsoflife.tumblr10. Beautiful surrounding / giftsoflife.tumblr

Villa d’Este, Lake Como11. Villa d’Este, Lake Como /

skonahem / Hall, Shimla, India. 12. Hall, Shimla, India / skonah.seem / Playa Vik José Ignacio, Uruguay.13. Playa Vik José Ignacio, Uruguay / Dusit Thani Maldives 14. Dusit Thani  /Maldives

One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldiverna15. One & Only Reethi Rah, Maldives /

Take care / Marie

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Outdoor mood

Stylish summer furniture is sometimes hard to find. Especially when you have a picture in mind of how you want them to look like or if you have to adapt to a given area. In a country like Australia, you are not so dependent on the weather, in the sense that you can be outside all year round. You often see indoor furniture on porches. Sofas, armchairs & tables. I thought it looked a little tricky in the beginning, coming from a winter-land. But it’s very charming. Although, I’m continuing to stick to furniture for outdoor use. However, this is not about outdoor furniture, but about being outdoors. You’re supposed to use what the occasion offers to enjoy the pleasant weather. Our winter here in Australia have been fantastic. One of the warmest winters in 40 years, I believe. The winter here is almost like our summer in Sweden. So, with this beautiful winter weather, I find my self in outdoor mood.

cozyspaces.tumblr.com1 /

cozyspaces.tumblr.com2 /

mollyjazz via fancy.com3/ mollyjazz via

justbesplendid.tumblr.com4 /

southernliving.com5. /

myparadissi.tumblr.com6 / /

ikea.se8 /

weheartit9 / weheartit

8 livethemma ute10 /

indoorsoutdoors.tumblr.com11 /

5 livethemma12 /

kulunkadecoblog 13 / kulunkadecoblog

skonahem14 /

2 livethemma15 / Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, poufs

I’m rather fond of these kind of furniture. Such as poufs that can be used for extra seating or to stretch your legs, store things on & occasionally inside etc. These are beautiful to look at & beautifully designed in both shape & fabric choices.

Take care / Marie

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It’s the details what makes it. On the other hand, why bother to develop or improve things at all. Sometimes it’s hard to say what makes a pleasant environment & other less so. It’s exciting when there are small things to discover, things that are not visible at once. As a story that begins gently & ends in a cascade of events.

All those little details that makes the day.

remainsimple.tumblr1. Everyday use / remainsimple.tumblr

ochre.net2. Green details /

ingerstedt3. Corner decor /

theyallhateus.com4. Pink tassels /


5. Outdoor accessories / atmycasa

style.com6. Oversized design /

livethemma.se7. Yellow doors /

Petra Bindel8. Mirrored details / Petra Bindel

desiretoinspire 9. Framed with postcards / desiretoinspire

marymadethis 10. Decorative stuff / marymadethis

mokkasin11. Sweet things / mokkasin

decor812. Arrangement / decor 8

ingerstedt via pinterest.com13.  Character / via

dusty14.  Stacked  / dusty

google.com15. Accessories /

Take care / Marie

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Time to change the angle of the camera, or is it perhaps the motive?

It’s good, at times, to take a step back to get some distance to things & events, to see things from different perspectives. I sometimes feel that I get blinded by speed. There’s so much to be done, decisions to be made, things to be agreed on & so on. If I don’t constantly discusses with family, friends or with concerned, I’m afraid I would  end up into habitual behavior, to do as I have always done, see stuff & things from a monotonous perspective.

I guess that I’ve learnt that it’s not about how fast you run, but how well it gets, in the end. That it’s not about quantity but rather quality. You just have to be patient & see things in a longer term perspective. In this case, it is nothing serious we are talking about, just different angles from interior perspective. Mostly!

keltainentalorannalla.blogspotPerfect place to relax / keltainentalorannalla.blogspot

zarahome hotel collectionNot overly healthy choice, is it? / zarahome hotel collection

Share-Design-Swedish-Townhouse-03Outdoor area on the floor above / Share-Design

meggielynne.tumblr.comThrough to the neighbours /

bloodandchampagneGrey & white /

cozyplaces.tumblr.comSmall space living /

satch via fancyThings close at hand /

tumblr.comSpacious /

what-a-beautiful-place.tumblr.comSee through /

sarahlavoineDown to the hallway / sarahlavoine

desiretoinspire White foundation / desiretoinspire

elorablu.tumblr.comThrough the rock / /

planetdeco High ceiling / planetdeco

hemlangtan.comRelaxation / hemlangtan

Take care / Marie

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