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I’ve always found that several small tables or like here, a set, are much more convenient to use. It ads more space when needed, and it’s flexible to move around as it suits while the other one is in place. You can clutter one & keep the other clean for decorative things.

Credit: boligdrom
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Black, white and wood

Black, white and wood – stylish as always – but also simple & flexible for comfortable living.



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Multi usage

Put several small coffee tables together in different highs – perfect to create a flexible space for multi usage.

housedoctordk / Instagram


Take care / Marie

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Kitchen bench

A kitchen bench – a great helper that’s mobile – two levels, in untreated wood & timeless design.

A functional, flexible & beautiful piece of furniture, in its simplicity.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, kitchen support

White, low, with shelves underneath & a storage surface on top. A perfect piece of furniture that is flexible, portable & a great friend in the kitchen. I have had a number of different models but nowadays when we live in a smaller space, I had to give them away. I’m childishly fond of these furniture carts. Yeah, I have one left, still 🙂

ilovethishome.tumblr.com:/ ilovethishome.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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