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Daily inspiration, notebook

Some things never change. Or rather, I’m stuck in old habits. Despite my iPhone or laptop, I find myself making notes in my little handy notebook. It just feels good to make a note by hand, it’s quick & easy. But of course, if I would like to pass on some information, I have to take a photo before I can email or send message. I know, but anyway…


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cobalt blue

Simple styling in cobalt blue – a deep blue pigment containing cobalt & aluminium oxides. I actually liked the couch most, to be honest. It is nicely styled but as always it is the textile part on the couch & all cushions, that creates the convenient homely impression.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, solution

I like this nice solution & easy to do if you are a bit handy too. Just remove one of the wood planks & replace it with a metal bracket that can be easily found at any of the many DIY stores including mounts. Fill it with ice & there you are – ready to chill your beverages & within convenient reach.


Take care / Marie

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