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Coffee tables

We are currently looking for suitable coffee tables – a number of which can be used as desired & functional needs. Possibly in different heights, but I’m not entirely sure – it can easily look a bit messy or too much. But, as said, it depends on design, material and color, in the end. Something like this perhaps. 



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Multi usage

Put several small coffee tables together in different highs – perfect to create a flexible space for multi usage.

housedoctordk / Instagram


Take care / Marie

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I would not chose this kind of energy in my home – it’s too much colours.

But still very refreshing & inspires to action, perhaps just little less colourful.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, spider legs

Wonderful small coffee tables or side tables that can fit anywhere in the home – and be used for multiple functions. Tray-tables with spider legs. A round lovely shape to the sprawling legs.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, view

In some parts of the world spring is already far along, while we move towards winter in this part of the globe. So an adorable snowy landscape outside the window is not such a bad view. Especially not when the environment inside is simple & straightforward. Focus then is to rest & contemplate.



Take care / Marie

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