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Coffee tables

We are currently looking for suitable coffee tables – a number of which can be used as desired & functional needs. Possibly in different heights, but I’m not entirely sure – it can easily look a bit messy or too much. But, as said, it depends on design, material and color, in the end. Something like this perhaps. 



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Multi usage

Put several small coffee tables together in different highs – perfect to create a flexible space for multi usage.

housedoctordk / Instagram


Take care / Marie

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I would not chose this kind of energy in my home – it’s too much colours.

But still very refreshing & inspires to action, perhaps just little less colourful.


Take care / Marie

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Coffee tables

Coffee tables are always relevant in my world. A piece of furniture that I can not get enough of. I have certainly cleared away a lot after many moves, so it’s probably time to start looking around for new friends. I think there’s a lot to choose from, many are flexible & can be used for various purposes – and its generally great price range.
I usually like small models / sizes for some reason. It is in any case usually what I come home with. Over time, they end up in different rooms depending on the situation or needs.

cushandnookscushandnooks / small round ones in different hight,

addsimplicityaddsimplicity / identical & mobile – in black,

myscandinavianhome myscandinavianhome / round with soft shape in various heights,

westelm.comwestelm.com / round & low with oriental touch,

automatismautomatism / slim square in sleek design,

trendenser.setrendenser.se / elegant & almost floating,

thescandinaviansideoflife.tumblr.comthescandinaviansideoflife.tumblr.com / as small servants who’s waiting to support,

ikea.comikea.com / three similar in a row in perfect shape,

fancy.com:katyakirnovafancy.com:katyakirnova / a nice little helper,

adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.comadayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.com /Coccola side table by Luca Nichetto,

turbulences-deco.frturbulences-deco.fr / much like trays on legs,

myscandinavianhome.blogspot.semyscandinavianhome.blogspot.se / might be a homemade design maybe – neat!

apartmenttherapy.comapartmenttherapy.com / shabby chic in a lovely mix,

archiproducts.comarchiproducts.com / Italian design at its best,

planet-deco.frplanet-deco.fr / industrial style,

Take care / Marie

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