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I’ve always found that several small tables or like here, a set, are much more convenient to use. It ads more space when needed, and it’s flexible to move around as it suits while the other one is in place. You can clutter one & keep the other clean for decorative things.

Credit: boligdrom
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Coffee tables

We are currently looking for suitable coffee tables – a number of which can be used as desired & functional needs. Possibly in different heights, but I’m not entirely sure – it can easily look a bit messy or too much. But, as said, it depends on design, material and color, in the end. Something like this perhaps. 



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Multi usage

Put several small coffee tables together in different highs – perfect to create a flexible space for multi usage.

housedoctordk / Instagram


Take care / Marie

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I would not chose this kind of energy in my home – it’s too much colours.

But still very refreshing & inspires to action, perhaps just little less colourful.


Take care / Marie

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Coffee tables

Coffee tables are always relevant in my world. A piece of furniture that I can not get enough of. I have certainly cleared away a lot after many moves, so it’s probably time to start looking around for new friends. I think there’s a lot to choose from, many are flexible & can be used for various purposes – and its generally great price range.
I usually like small models / sizes for some reason. It is in any case usually what I come home with. Over time, they end up in different rooms depending on the situation or needs.

cushandnookscushandnooks / small round ones in different hight,

addsimplicityaddsimplicity / identical & mobile – in black,

myscandinavianhome myscandinavianhome / round with soft shape in various heights,

westelm.comwestelm.com / round & low with oriental touch,

automatismautomatism / slim square in sleek design,

trendenser.setrendenser.se / elegant & almost floating,

thescandinaviansideoflife.tumblr.comthescandinaviansideoflife.tumblr.com / as small servants who’s waiting to support,

ikea.comikea.com / three similar in a row in perfect shape,

fancy.com:katyakirnovafancy.com:katyakirnova / a nice little helper,

adayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.comadayinthelandofnobody.tumblr.com /Coccola side table by Luca Nichetto,

turbulences-deco.frturbulences-deco.fr / much like trays on legs,

myscandinavianhome.blogspot.semyscandinavianhome.blogspot.se / might be a homemade design maybe – neat!

apartmenttherapy.comapartmenttherapy.com / shabby chic in a lovely mix,

archiproducts.comarchiproducts.com / Italian design at its best,

planet-deco.frplanet-deco.fr / industrial style,

Take care / Marie

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