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It’s good to know when to stop – when you’re preparing or refreshing a room with a new style or items. Just to be able to balance furniture with the decorative elements. So that it feels just enough & just right.

Credit: housedoctordk
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Nice mix

Stylish & attractive mix – the colour of the sofa, the blanket in black and white, that covers the seat, the low glass table, the stools that are striped – the whole combination looks great!

Credit: interiorstories.se
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Mindful moments

Creating an atmosphere around an activity can help us to be attentive to an experience worth attending to. Images below are a good way to describe this visually. You can find out more here: 



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So simple yet so nice – basic natal colours …


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Cosy feeling

Some have the ability to decorate their homes with a cosy feeling by using the room’s surface to make it inviting. The combination of different furniture & material choices, pillows, books, frames – in a personal style creates a pleasant experience.

Zara home

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