Daily inspiration, patterns

Textiles are an important part of a home. Not only for comfort, the feeling or seasonal change. All the more for the joy of colours, patterns & texture. If there is somewhat wrong shade together with something new – I can’t relax until I’ve fixed it so it feels harmonic again. Not that anyone would be able to see a difference but so what – I’m talking about a feeling & it’s important enough. These textiles are not in right red colours, for my part,  but it’s more about mix of patterns in this case.

konfetti via pinterest.com/ konfetti via pinterest.com

Take care / Marie

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3 thoughts on “Daily inspiration, patterns

  1. Yes, it’s nice with the red scale but it’s not the right colour scheme – I prefer brightly red tones instead, more towards cherry or Christmas-red. Right green colour would make a nice mix 🙂


  2. Juanita in OH says:

    These textiles are inspirational…I LOVE the color. TFS.


  3. segmation says:

    Nice use of red in your patterns! Have you tried using green as well?


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