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Window to the outside world – but so nice from the inside, painted in blue as a contrast to all wood. Beautiful!

Credit: historiskahem
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Did you know – that Swedes are among the people in the world who drinks most coffee ☕️

Credit: Swedense
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Unassuming but oh so beautiful with neutral colors in the bedroom. Sometimes it’s all it takes to bring joy.

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Cornwall, one of the destinations we have on our list. It has the longest stretch of continuous coastline in Britain & it’s one of the sunniest areas in the UK. Picturesque villages, Celtic ruins, light blue waters & unique architecture – it certainly is worth visiting.

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Summer house

A charming summer house with wooden roofs & walls preserved. The white color on the floor plus windows & door frames makes a difference in the effort to achieve an updated look. The white furniture further enhances the light in the room.

Credit: nordiskrum
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