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A deliciously simple furnishings home that inspires and is easy to absorb. Very appealing with this tranquil decor.


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Victorian architecture

A typical house from an early Victorian architecture, ofthen made of brick, exposed or rendered, with pitched roofs made from corrugated iron, tiles or slate. They often feature picket fences with a small garden at the entrance. A typical workers’cottage is a good example. 

This one is beautiful in white timber, the decorative door & the obligatory front along the façade with varying furniture that creates an immense charm.



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Dezeen account

A beautiful location, with an beautiful interior – interesting story that you can look up on Instagram & the account dezeen. 


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Built-in storage

Built-in storage, or bookshelf, which is a wonderfully nice solution. Especially in a corner that can be difficult to use. So nice with the shelf on top for precious things & with glass doors that you can see through. Exciting & very nicely done.



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Windowsills – what a difference they make to a room – i miss that detail in Australian homes. They frame the room in a nice way & has many uses. 


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