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Breakfast is the best meal of the day. It sets the bar for the rest of the day. Freshly baked bread, cold cuts & coffee with hot milk – that’s the height of luxury.

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Singapore 🇸🇬

A beautiful clean & well organised island city-state. Great weather all year around, 30-32 degrees & lots of things to do & see. With a multicultural population & recognition of the need to respect cultural identities, Singapore has four official languages; English, Malay, Mandarin & Tamil. English is the lingua franca, meaning a language that’s adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.

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White in different shades in an otherwise white environment is beautiful & soothing. Structures, tone & depth are emphasized & you’re constantly discovering new things.

Credit: Vittvittvitt
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String is a perfect shelf system that’s adaptable & can be designed into many different functions & looks. This is a great way to solve a room with a sloping ceiling where the surface is used efficiently with a solution that is both useful & makes space for beautiful still lifes.

Credit: levaobo
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Good idea

Such a good idea if you have the space & a few nice images you’d like to display. Put up a few of framed pictures in a row & the same pictures up & down below – to achieve an interesting wall that catches the eye.

Credit: H&M Home
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