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Daily inspiration, easy

A few things combined together in a simple & straightforward manner can sometimes be enough to create happiness. Yes, I understand that it might sound soulless or shallow – but I’ll take that risk.

emersonfry.tumblr.com/ emersonfry.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Bag ladies

Time to look for a new bag & find THE ONE that fits all my needs – work & casual style – big enough inside but neat on the outside. Or a smaller one that fits in the big one, for different use throughout the day. Here’s some that I like in style, colour & model.

googles.comTimeless brand & style / google.com

utopia via weheartitVery, very appealing / utopia via weheartit

politea via tumblrCompletely adorable / politea via tumblr.com

weheartitFunctional & stylish / weheartit.com

SaintLaurentBlack beauty / SaintLaurent via google.com

theyallhate usLeopard printed clutch in small size / theyallhateus.com

fashionqueen via weheartitSimple clutch but gorgeous / fashionqueen via weheartit.com

anoukbinterior.blogspotSchool bag style in white leather / anoukbinterior.blogspot

najuj via fancySoft, stylish sack bag / najuj via fancy.com

charmingspacesBrands / charmingspaces via tumbler.com

inspired-design.tumblr.comClassic design & style / inspired-design.tumblr.com

fancy.comTasteful / fancy.com

thedesignfiles.netBrown leather bags – real beauties / thedesignfiles.net


theyallhateusWhite & gold / theyallhateus.com

Take care / Marie

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