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It’s the backpack that’s the main thing here (and you should check out this Swedish designed lifestyle backpacks) but I liked the whole image – so there you are…


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Light shades of grey, blue, beige

With warmer weather comes an urge to dress lighter, thinner & comfortable – a┬áneed for renewal in the closet, after all layers. These lovely pictures & details is a good start as inspiration.






Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, cute storage

Sweet small baskets with black numbers, for small storage. Cute & simple yet so easy to use. And not the usual colourful design that is common otherwise.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, socks in high heels

Socks in heels – are not a usual sight. I think this image is very inspiring but I am not sure that this style would suit everyone. But as a kit with socks, shoes, bags & wool coats – and the lovely bright colours, it’s all the same, very energising.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, bag love

A bag have to be large, with shoulder straps for the option to use it as on this image. It should be practical plus stylish, preferably in black but it’s ok in brown too. Maybe olive green or beige or …


Take care / Marie

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