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Jeans jacket

Eye catching jeans jacket in a longer-cut design, tie belt & breezy sleeves. Neat together with white, of course. The net bag is a must have accessory – and leave the sleeves slightly rolled up too.


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Modern version

Someone left a comment to please blog something about handbags.

Yes, why not – such as this wonderfully beautiful bag with slightly longer handles – a modern version of the old leather portfolio.

And in creme! Hope you like it!


Take care / Marie

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It has long since been time to pick out a pair of sunglasses. The sun is extremely strong and dazzling – not good for the eyes at all. This image is just to reflect need – I am for the classic version, aviator glasses.


Take care / Marie

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A watch that suits my taste, could be perceived masculine or may be meant for men too, I’m not sure but I would definitely wear it.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, bag love

A bag have to be large, with shoulder straps for the option to use it as on this image. It should be practical plus stylish, preferably in black but it’s ok in brown too. Maybe olive green or beige or …


Take care / Marie

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