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Jeans jacket

Eye catching jeans jacket in a longer-cut design, tie belt & breezy sleeves. Neat together with white, of course. The net bag is a must have accessory – and leave the sleeves slightly rolled up too.


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Jil Sanders

This thing with extremely long sleeves that have appeared in the infinity everywhere, I can actually renounce. But besides that, it’s neat with simple striped blouse to baggy blue trousers with a tie belt.



Take care / Marie

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Short & long sleeves

I like the combination of short sleeves over a long-sleeved top. Whether it’s for everyday or special occasions. Sure it’s neat, right?



Take care / Marie

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Extra long sleeves  

I’ve noticed a great deal of sweatshirts & cardigans with XL long sleeves / arms sticking out from under the jacket or coat right now. This outfit in Brown-beige & black.



Take care / Marie

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