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Our most beloved garment, in all kinds of shapes.


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Take care / Marie

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Safe style

A safe style, jeans jacket, with striped t-shirt in black & white underneath. And stylish!

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Take care / Marie

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Jeans jacket 

Classic jeans jacket in contemporary style – with a great big pocket at the front that makes the jacket stand out. Nice with the darker colour too.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, jogging jacket

A track jacket under the jeans jacket & a plaid skirt may seem like an impossible combination, but it’s not a bad outfit, really. It seems as if gym clothes are more & more of a style preference nowadays, more then ever – in combination with casual wear, similar as this image.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, jeans jacket

Spring time & on the look for a jeans jacket. The dark coloured one that I have been using from time to time during winter needs to be replaced to a lighter version. It’s actually easier said than done. The colouring must be right so that it is useful to white jeans & the like. Something along the lines of this image.


brooklynblonde via bloglovin.combrooklynblonde via bloglovin.com

Take care / Marie

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