Bag ladies

Time to look for a new bag & find THE ONE that fits all my needs – work & casual style – big enough inside but neat on the outside. Or a smaller one that fits in the big one, for different use throughout the day. Here’s some that I like in style, colour & model.

googles.comTimeless brand & style /

utopia via weheartitVery, very appealing / utopia via weheartit

politea via tumblrCompletely adorable / politea via

weheartitFunctional & stylish /

SaintLaurentBlack beauty / SaintLaurent via

theyallhate usLeopard printed clutch in small size /

fashionqueen via weheartitSimple clutch but gorgeous / fashionqueen via

anoukbinterior.blogspotSchool bag style in white leather / anoukbinterior.blogspot

najuj via fancySoft, stylish sack bag / najuj via

charmingspacesBrands / charmingspaces via

inspired-design.tumblr.comClassic design & style /

fancy.comTasteful /

thedesignfiles.netBrown leather bags – real beauties /

theyallhateusWhite & gold /

Take care / Marie

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3 thoughts on “Bag ladies

  1. Maybe it’s from Oroton? Check:


  2. I wish I could help you – I found this image via & it’s a few seasons back. I don’t know what brand it is either, I just liked the style & colour. I hope you can find the bag or at least something similar – good luck!


  3. Michelle Leslie says:

    I’m in love with the “simple & stylish” brown bag that you found on on your “bag ladies” post. Who makes this?? I’ve been trying like mad to hone in on the insignia stamp in the top right corner but it’s too blurry & I don’t recognize it. Help??


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