Appealing walls

What if walls could speak – tell you their story. About colours they have been painted in, patched, scraped, plastered & painted over & over again. Or tell you about those who lived here before to give insight into what life was like, during an epoch. It would be exciting & interesting. But see, that’s not what this post is about today, unfortunately.

I like colour, it’s a big part of my life…professionally, that is. But I’m not the first to raise my hand regarding colorful walls. But still. I have the ability to enjoy a variety of things or events, no matter what I prefer. It’s all about being able to see beauty in most things, right?

If you were to ask me which of these rooms I would consider myself to live in, without changing the wall color – then, the closest in style, would be room number six with light blue wall. Maybe, possibly, even number three. (but I would most certainly go for the black & white one) How about you, which one do you prefer?

frenchbydesignBring down the sense of height of a room by leaving space between the paint & the roof / frenchbydesign

apartmenttherapy.comOr paint the space in an additional colour /

styleessentials.tumblr.comShorten the distance with a sharp colour /

miluccia.tumblr.comOr create an exciting corner /

pinterest.comPaint in a color that suits the child’s height /

stadshemAmplify a piece of furniture by matching the wall color / stadshem

mialinnman.blogspotContrasts that create excitement /

housetohomeCoordinate with a few pieces / housetohome

estudiogutorequenaWhite higher up plus wall paint & tile in similar shade / estudiogutorequena

flickr.comGraphical & classic with powerful impression /

thenewyorktimes White at the bottom & with turquoise at the top – different /

interiorsoriginal.bogspotWithin the same colour scale but the window in a stronger shade / interiorsoriginal.blogspot

homesweethome Nice & different / homesweethome via pinterest

mackaparStylish contrast to all white, especially the addition on the inside of the door too / mackapar

ovgwebdesignRough style that becomes more enhanced with the black together with the leather & concrete / ovgwebdesign

Take care / Marie

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