Clothes rack

Clothes racks on wheels, attached to the wall, leaning against the wall – perfect for all areas of the home. 

/ 79ideas


/ Emmas designblog


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/ Kakform

Take care / Marie

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3 thoughts on “Clothes rack

  1. NaturallySimple says:

    Thank you for coming by to my blog and subscribing. it gave me the opportunity to find you. I love this set of pictures. I always wanted to have my clothes like that in my bedroom but my husband hates the look…….. my next life, perhaps. In the mean time I can appreciate your photos lol


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  2. Henrik says:

    holy moly that is some collection :O. I wish i had the money and space to get clothes and other stuff like you do maybe i will someday when i finnish my education 🙂 best regards Henrik.


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