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Now, when we have family visiting from Sweden there’s a lot of outings, weekend trips,

outdoor cinema, beaches & many moments around the pool. And shopping of course.

Difficult to shop for clothes, with cold frosty winter at home & the exact opposite here.

But no one seems to mind 🙂


Take care / Marie

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Coat rack

I know that it might sound a bit strange but I love hallways – it’s something that is not very common in Australia, comparing to Sweden – mainly due to the weather.

This is a small entrance hall with the idea of a wall mounted coat rack, in an old fashioned style. I like this type of coat hangers & they are usually very wobbly. To attach them to the wall is a good idea.



Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, magazine

This bedroom in itself is not so much to comment about – it was more this simple solution that got my attention. I have seen it many times before but it still worth sharing – because everyone can use it. And so easy to change the magazine & suddenly getting a new expression, through the front.


Take care / Marie

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Clothes rack

Clothes racks on wheels, attached to the wall, leaning against the wall – perfect for all areas of the home. 

/ 79ideas

/ pinterest.com

/ Emmas designblog

/ fancy.com

/ clubmonaco via tumblr.com

/ Kakfor 

/ Kakform

Take care / Marie

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