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Brown layers

Excellent way to dress to cope with weather changes now with a mischievously autumn & winter.

And of course, always nice with chocolate brown colours, with a touch of dark blue. 


Take care / Marie

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Now, when we have family visiting from Sweden there’s a lot of outings, weekend trips,

outdoor cinema, beaches & many moments around the pool. And shopping of course.

Difficult to shop for clothes, with cold frosty winter at home & the exact opposite here.

But no one seems to mind ūüôā


Take care / Marie

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I’ve become fond of scarves, the smaller models.You could say¬†It is bandannas but they are a little more classic in style. Smaller and larger sizes, you could play around a bit with usage of them, but if you are a bit like I am, a quite ordinary woman, then it’s more towards the cautious style.





Take care / Marie

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