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Basic garments in basic colors – always a safe card & always right for all occasions.

Credit: coolchicstylefashion
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Now, when we have family visiting from Sweden there’s a lot of outings, weekend trips,

outdoor cinema, beaches & many moments around the pool. And shopping of course.

Difficult to shop for clothes, with cold frosty winter at home & the exact opposite here.

But no one seems to mind ūüôā


Take care / Marie

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Various grey tones

I think you understand that grey is one of my favourite colours – all year round.¬†I have looked for various images with different shades of grey – and I picked things I like as well as things that might not altogether necessary be my taste, but still are very appealing.¬†All in favour of the wonderful grey colour that works with & is a perfect base for the most & the best.¬†It’s ok to call me mrs boring, for those of you who loves colour ūüôā





schöner wohnen2schöner wohnen2

notquoitesnowwhite notquoitesnowwhite





nordicleavesnordicleaves via bloglovin.com




Take care / Marie

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Darker blue

I’ve had this dark blue colour on my mind for a while. I’ve had a desire for something in dark blue¬†in ¬†my wardrobe – a good basic colour that matches most things.¬†We went on a long weekend trip to Singapore a few weeks back &¬†it’s incredible how much you can find in the enormous choice that is available.¬†From the big top brands to small independent retailers.¬†If you plan to travel there give yourself some time to explore, not only the shopping opportunities, but also the huge variety of restaurants, coffee bars & small shopping streets.¬†Anyway, I came home with some nice things, in this particular colour – deep dark blue – classic simple clothing without frills.

Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.comDifferent shades of blue together with beige & brown / Esprit_2happyinteriorblog.com

skonahem.seOrganised styling / skonahem.se

fashionlover.netPreppy & proper / fashionlover.net

pinterest.comSometimes it’s not bad with a convertible /¬†pinterest.com

skonahem.seConsistent white base with blue accents / pinterest.com

aurahome.com.auDark blue with white crosses Рgraphically beautiful / aurahome.com.au

margaret--jane.tumblr.comLisbon, Portugal¬†/ margaret–jane.tumblr.com

pinterest.comInspiring collage / pinterest.com

fancy.comSimple & basic / fancy.com

google.comJust inspiring / fancy.com

pinterest.comTextiles / pinterest.com

megan55 via tumblr.comStylish cut / megan55 via tumblr.com

facebook.com:petra.becker.7121From a friends FB post / facebook.com:petra.becker.7121

moccachoc via google.comShort & wide, with long sleeves under / moccachoc via fashionfriends.tumblr.com

fancy.comFamous view from Italy/ Fancy.com

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Daily inspiration, turtleneck

Okay, it’s time to take a look at something stylish, again.¬†It won’t be the latest you know, that’s not me. I like garments that are¬†timeless & long lasting in style & quality.

Black & white yes, absolutely although there’s nothing special with this outfit if it were not for the oversized turtleneck.This is where details make a difference – even if this one, in this case, are on the generous side.¬†It’s neat with the strap on the side, don’t you think?

fashionising.com/ fashionising.com

Take care / Marie

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