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It’s not that easy to furnish a room with a slanted ceiling. It can easily look over-furnished & cramped. But done deliberately with well-chosen furniture & clear functions, it can be just this nice, as an example.

Credit: nytthem | Instagram
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A corner of my living room.

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A beautiful living room with the sculptural sofa by M Ducaroy & matching Scandinavian furniture makes a calm & soothing environment together with the light blue floors. Harmony ⭐️

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Sometimes I ponder about how big an area you really need, without feeling trapped. I have a preference for smaller homes, that can decorate functionally with what’s needed for everyday life. The main thing is access to an outdoor area. Either way, this interior is an example of a living room in a size that fits. And looks good.

Credit: anncjohnsen| Instagram
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Living room

An astonishingly generous & spacious living room decorated for relaxed comfort.

Credit: yana_design_home
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