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It’s mainly the furniture – table & chairs that caught my eye – as well as the rug & colour combination. A nice set up for a dining space – or a work space at home.


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White plank wall, white wood floor & ceiling, wooden furniture, single white chair, glass vases & a sisal mat create a beautiful whole. Very appealing indeed.



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Table setting

Nice table setting with a dark-toned color scheme, suitable for an evening at home. Great in gray & white – and crystal, candelabra and warm sheepskin.


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Kitchen and dining area in a small space – bright, airy with natural light flowing in from two windows. Bright wooden floors and white walls contribute to the freshness and simple furnishings.



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So liberating with the table in the middle of the room with a lot of space around and a kitchen without all these usual cabinets at the top. Beautiful with blue cupboards, patterned rug & dark furniture. 



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