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Royal botanic garden

Between rain showers, the sun peeks out & warms one’s soul in the beautiful botanic landscape with brilliant plants & colours.

The Royal botanic garden, Sydney
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An Icelandic landscape that hides a modern cottage, where the roof is covered with grass – and a panoramic window taking in the whole uninterrupted view of the magnificent nature.

Credit: bobedredk
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Martina Eriksson has run her own architectural business in the company m.arkitektur, since 2003.

The emphasis is on developing buildings with a holistic thinking in relation to the existing built environment, landscape belonging & local materials & crafts.

The buildings create an increased quality of life both functionally & aesthetically. One of my favorite architects.

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Window view

To be blessed with a big window with a nature outside as a painting – and a landscape matching the colours inside.

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Window nook, the perfect place to start the day or maybe end the evening. To look out towards a beautiful landscape, capture the thoughts & unwind. Preferably with a cup of coffee as company.

Credit: decobyhelle | Instagram
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