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Red ginger

Red ginger, a native plant, originally from Malaysia. It’s showy flowers on long brightly colored red bracts. They look like they bloom, but the true flower is the small white flower on top.
Often seen along pavements, buildings & residential areas.

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A rooftop to die for – the perfect spot. And with a big canvas that both shields from the sun & creates a pleasant roof to sit under.

Credit: rom123egmont | Instagram
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Flower box

Flower box on legs, black with a thin wooden frame. Beautiful for green plants & floral splendor but, by all means, excellent for other functions as well. Books, glass vases & smaller stuff.

Credit: designtorget
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A spacious terrace surrounded by green plants & contrasting black facade & radiant daylight – a dream for quiet moments in generous comfortable wooden furniture.

Credit: lecollectionist
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A balcony – a small leafy hidden world high up among the clouds, where you can enjoy silence, tranquility & rest – and forget about all the chores of everyday life.

Credit: shake
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