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A balcony – a small leafy hidden world high up among the clouds, where you can enjoy silence, tranquility & rest – and forget about all the chores of everyday life.

Credit: shake
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Dream house

A beautiful house with whitewashed facade & surrounding garden. It’s completely renovated, waiting like a dream to embrace its owner.

Credit: residencemag
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Red Currant

Back home in Sweden it’s the time of year when summer feels extra summery with the greenery & lushness that nature offers. It’s wonderful with all the overgrown berry bushes. Like this red currant plant that can still be found growing wild, but are more often cultivated for commercial sale. It’s beautiful ⭐️

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It’s difficult to plant next to boulders. There’s not always sufficient soil depth. With deep soil-filled “bowls” made of steel frames with different widths & heights, you get great planting opportunities.

Credit: kungsbackatradgard
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Garden idea

A lovely garden idea, makes want to step out & stay there – a nice reminder about the precious beautiful things in life ❤️

Credit: ourlovelygarden
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