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Lappland, the far north of Sweden – an adventure in experiences with snow covered forests, icy roads & old cabins. 

(photos by Dean & Jeska Hearne)


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Black cottage

Black cottage in New Zeeland – stunning architecture with an amazing view / backdrop.


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An image with my preference for stripes – here in the shape of simple bed linen. (Perhaps it may attract you to visit the website – and by the way, Byron Bay is definitly worth a visit).


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Amazing view and beautiful – curved road that wraps its shape around the rocks on one side and with the sea on the other. Built for an exciting experience.


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To have the privilege to travel & experience belongs to the school of life – meeting with other people, cultures, histories & languages creates a great understanding.

Part of it is also the hotel experience. Hotels often look the same but occasionally you will find small pearls that remain in your mind.


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