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Early November & Christmas shops are on – already. But who am I to complain, I love this time of year. The usual favorite, panettone is a tradition, which we always start the season with ⭐️

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S N O W ❄️

The wonderfully creaking sound when walking on cold fresh icy snow & everything else is quiet all around.

Stockholm | Sweden
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Snow ❄️

Snow that falls in white lovely flakes & covers landscapes with a thin blanket is probably one of the most beautiful things you can experience.

Credit: diartige | Instagram
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We have now moved outdoors & trying to spend mornings, late afternoons & evenings at the back  on the terrace as well as around & in the pool. At least as much free time anyway between a lot of work. The sun is warm & the free moments provides a lot of energy & much needed rest.



Take care / Marie

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Closing in

It’s approaching, closing in, soon here – it’s popping up everywhere & it’s hard to distance yourself, as it’s placed on the hottest locations in retail stores. Thanks & praise, it has not yet begun in restaurants & Cafes yet.

Yes, It’s about Christmas decorations & one of the best seasons of the year in my opinion, BUT not when it’s warm, sunny & beach weather – I just can’t get used to it. 



Take care / Marie

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