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Elsas konditori/ Elsa’s patisserie

A renowned patisserie in Vastmanland county in Sweden 🇾đŸ‡Ș makes me long for Swedish pastries with the filtered coffee that’s always served to the sweets.

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Nice sweets

Sweets after lunch or in the afternoon – helps through the day at times and these are looking mighty fine, don’t you think? Just about right with a cup of coffee.


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I started something new in December, totally different to what I have done previously – which is exciting but also 😳 and I have beauties like these around me all the time. Chocolates that is – not with ice-cream but handmade premium chocolate. 

Let me tempt you with this inspirational image.


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Chocolate fudge

Chocolate fudge – a timeless favorite at any time. 



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An absolute necessity during the holiday – chocolate in sort sorts of forms…

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Take care / Marie

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