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Baklava – an addictively tasty & crispy phyllo dough cake with nut filling that must be tried. Especially the Turkish variant that’s not soaked in syrup, but just very crispy. And have it preferably, together with black strong coffee.

Credit: @camillahamid
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Elsas konditori/ Elsaā€™s patisserie

A renowned patisserie in Vastmanland county in Sweden šŸ‡øšŸ‡Ŗ makes me long for Swedish pastries with the filtered coffee thatā€™s always served to the sweets.

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Nice sweets

Sweets after lunch or inĀ theĀ afternoon – helps through the day at times andĀ these are looking mighty fine, don’t youĀ think?Ā Just about right with a cup of coffee.


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I started something new inĀ December, totally different to what I have done previously – which is exciting but also šŸ˜³Ā and I have beauties like these around me all the time. ChocolatesĀ that is – not with ice-cream but handmade premiumĀ chocolate.Ā 

Let me tempt you with this inspirational image.


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Chocolate fudge

Chocolate fudge – aĀ timeless favorite at any time.Ā 



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