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Happy weekend

Cheers & happy weekend for all of you who’s either having a weekend off & can enjoy some time with family & friends – and to all of us who’s working or busy with other things.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Monday’s

A free weekend is unusual for me, who works inconvenient hours. And when I finally am free, what do I do … we use the Sunday for cleaning – dusting, vacuuming, wiping floors & windows … but on the other hand, it’s very nice with a clean home & relaxing once it’s done.



Take care / Marie

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Weekend & I happen to be off, which I have looked forward to. Not to be active but to sit back & take it easy, rest & gather energy. Our weekends have always been about time for the family, mainly to socialise & to create a base where we can catch up with chores & cares. We gather around a long breakfast, quick lunch maybe, finger food in the afternoon or an early dinner. No matter what applies for the moment, it’s the simple & lazy, that counts.










Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, some rest

After having worked hard at work – at times almost on the verge of exhaustion, with limited time at home – it’s finally time for some rest. Close all doors, turn of laptops, TV & all light. Time to forget things that needs attention for some reasons – and just relax. At least soon, after this weekend … even if it’s only for three days.

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Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, Friday

Friday & a weekend ahead without any plans – just hang around, socialise & relax. That doesn’t happen too often. Better to enjoy while it lasts – have a nice weekend & do something that makes you happy.

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Take care / Marie

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