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A nice & peaceful environment, creates a longing away from all the everyday worries & musts – with too little time for relaxation or recovery.



Take care / Marie

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Christmas treats

There is something special about the time it sometimes takes to enable the enjoyment of  preparation, cooking & the packaging of small delicate treats. Say, isn’t this a beautiful image…

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Take care / Marie

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Now, I am a lover of candles & think it adds enormously to the home. I buy mostly white candles or tea lights but clearly aware of the huge range offered in the stores. Broste was one of my favourites for all major holiday …and it happened that we choose a bit other (pale) colours too.

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A sweet solution with the transparent glass ball & a little twig inside – a simple decoration, in the midst of all grandeur everywhere, almost.



Take care / Marie

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Gingerbread house

Gingerbread is an important part of the preparations with the family & children who yearn for the big day. This little gingerbread house is almost too sweet to be eaten and a fun idea for the handy.

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Take care / Marie

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