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The view is amazing, a location to dream off – with nature & water close by. A patio deck that’s generous is always a plus, especially for the periods when you live more outdoors than indoors. Trees & shrubs makes a nice frame work – and with the classically beautiful wooden furniture, the whole is very relaxing, soothing and simply beautiful .


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Some places, at certain times, makes you long away from the everyday demands & routines – to an isolated place for some peace & quiet. Then, this house & location feels like a dream.


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A dream

A dream, right? A renovation or more correct, a house in constant change with an immense charm – that just feels right, with location and everything.


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The house, the location, the environment, and the architecture, what can I say. It’s so beautiful with black painted houses, big open glass windows that lets in light & takes advantage of the nature outside. Beautiful & tranquil.



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Dezeen account

A beautiful location, with an beautiful interior – interesting story that you can look up on Instagram & the account dezeen. 


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