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To have the privilege to travel & experience belongs to the school of life – meeting with other people, cultures, histories & languages creates a great understanding.

Part of it is also the hotel experience. Hotels often look the same but occasionally you will find small pearls that remain in your mind.


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An image from El Fenn Hotel in Marrakech – definitely an account on Instagram (elfennmarrakech) to visit if you love colours. 


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Far away

I often long for home, whether I’m at work, on a trip, dinner or other activities. A home-rat simply. But there are moments when I want to get away, far away from people, city, traffic, noise & demands. Somewhere like this 👍


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White & beautiful building with a long row of deck chairs in striped chair pads, white parasols, & clear blue (green) water – yes please! 

_halcyonhouse  / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, by the pool

Have you noticed that it’s becoming more & more images with vacation theme that shows up on the blog – they’re sneaking in, a little cautiously. This image inspired with the colours.


Take care / Marie

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