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PARKROYAL, on pickering’s, is a building that’s greatly admired around the world as a model of green building design & has been dubbed “Singapore’s most awarded sustainable hotel”.

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A railway renaissance is coming our way, thanks to a growing interest in sustainable transportation. New railway adventures are popping up around the world & new tracks are being laid & upgraded. Who wound say no to a travel experience with the Trans-Siberian Railway!

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French fashion brand Veja, founded 2004 & known for its sustainable sneakers – utilizing recycled plastic bottles for the production.

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Handwoven & reversible mats made of recycled PET bottles which are ground down & then spun into a thin yarn. The yarn is then woven into rugs. Colourful, sustainable & beautiful.

Credit: granit.se

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Happiness, something to strive for, yet nothing you would or should expect of life or surrounding. We can’t expect to be served happiness, nor is it in the long run, sustainably to constantly seek confirmation and become dependent on others. You have to find yours & make it your own.



Take care / Marie

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