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A beautiful building with amazing architecture details, in Malaga city, Spain šŸ‡ŖšŸ‡ø

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An apartment building with full transparency to the various residences, it’s like a movie scene, theĀ beautiful building with exciting interiors.

Credit: mona_athens | Instagram

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Beautiful building in brick, the kind of house that we may often pass without noting the beauty.

Credit: woodwardthrowbacks

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Cool existence

It is always neat with a black house facade. With a lot of greenery around & Ā a bunch of well-chosen pots & plants along the building, it is easy to create a comfortably cool existence.

Credit: decoratio.co

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Impressive house (or perhaps buildingĀ is more suitable) Ā and definitely startling – although not a choice I would doĀ personally.



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