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It is a lot of festivities and events this time of year. At home, at work & with friends. Sometimes it’s not so much about what is offered but more about how to experience the environment and how it feels. And that can be easily achieved with relatively simple means and a little creativity. Tablecloth, napkins, lots of candles of various heights and many translucent vases and glass for the transparent effect’s sake – especially toward evening.




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Door knob

Close-up, of a door knob in glass and metal. Isn’t it beautiful!



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Glass styling

Glass is incredibly inspiring – like here in close-up with the right accessories & styling.



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Windows with small glass panes & wooden bars, painted orange concrete, in a close up – very inspiring details. 



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Blood orange drink

A beautiful glass designed by Åsa Jungnelius (with the given name Sugar Dandy), with a sparkling drink in sharp orange colour – as one gets from blood oranges – makes a perfect welcome drink. 

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Take care / Marie

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