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Kanelbulle = cinnamon bun. The most Swedish thing you can be invited to, with a cup of coffee. The cinnamon bun even has its own day which falls on October 4 & is an annual theme day in Sweden.

Credit: linnutbult | Instagram
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Semla is a famous Swedish cream bun, an old-fashioned dessert that was originally invented & eaten on Fat Tuesday, the last day of indulgence before Lent.

It’s made with a plain wheat bread bun lightly flavored with cardamom & cut in half. The inside is filled with a layer of almond paste & vanilla-flavored whipped cream. The top is placed on the whipped cream & the sweet creation is lightly dusted with a layer of powdered sugar.

Traditional practice is that the top should be eaten first & used to scoop the whipped cream. However, the oldest Swedish tradition is to serve the entire bun soaked in a plate of warm milk – the best way to eat a semla.

Credit: Royfares | Instagram
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Christmas tree 🎄

It’s so wonderful with a Christmas tree in the living room, welcoming with decorations & lighting. Pure joy & happiness 🎄⭐️🎄⭐️🎄

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Swedish painter

Here’s a wonderful & inspiring Swedish painter, Johan Einar Jolin, one of my favourites, born in Stockholm (1890 – 1976) & studied at the Swedish Artists’ Association’s painting school with his friend Isaac Grünewald, to then continue his art studies for six years under Matisse in Paris.

Jolin’s motif consists mainly of portraits & still lifes, but also city views, all in naive style. The naive shapes convey wonderful colors with a clean, simple & elegant expression.

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Cinnamon bun

One of the most Swedish things you can have when in Sweden for a visit 🇸🇪

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