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Young at heart

Childlike mind, young at heart, is a tremendous advantage – is it a trait or a talent, I do not know, but oh so wonderful with people who can see joy in simple contexts.
And can go from being playful, to suddenly be completely serious when the situation requires it.



Take care / Marie

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Children, they are so natural, active & curious – but also quite demanding. My boys has grown up & become great guys. Finest in the world of course, as any parent would say about their kids. They are handsome & talented with own opinions & values​​. I want to believe that they are curious without being limited to what’s possible. And most importantly, that they aren’t judgmental, which is extremely important to us.

I sometimes forget that we are two who “owns” them. And of course, we have them on loan until they are capable of taking care of themselves & move on, independently & confidently through life. It has taken me a long time & considerable thought, before I came across the threshold that they one day will leave home. But whenever that happens, we have many precious memories from their playful time as kids. I hope they will maintain their playfulness as adults too.

AnnemarijnLansNice wall colour & toys / AnnemarijnLans via pinterest.com

davidmnt White environment with colourful wooden toys / davidmnt viap

ifitshipipitshere.blogspotBuilding blocks in XL /  fitshipipitshere.blogspot

ingerstedt.seRailroad tracks, were around 24 hours, everywhere, in our place / ingerstedt.se

decora.meCoordinated in red, white & some black / decora.me

kotivinkki.fiInspiring  colour scheme / kotivinkki.fi

bloglovin.comChild-friendly with low beds & space saving, when it’s along the wall / bloglovin.com

kidzzz Close to the heart / kidzzz via fancy.com

divaaniblogit.fiPennants & canopy – a dream for children / kotivinkki.fi

pinterest.comCreative space / pinterest.com

handmadecharlotte.comFor theatrical minds / handmadecharlotte.com

piccsy.comYep, / piccsy.com

ninainvorm.punt.nlOn display & for easy reach / ninainvorm.punt.nl

handmadecharlotte.comNice with a long countertop with space for activity / handmadecharlotte.com

planet-deco.frA friendly space with room for stuff that is visible / planet-deco.fr

Take care / Marie

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