We do not really have the food culture or habits that puts us in candy or sweets traps. Instead of soft drinks, our guys have become accustomed to cold milk – which works well with any kind of food or cookies. We prefer homemade food that is healthy with lots of vegetables & hearty salads. But it’s hard to resist sweets, after dinner, to the coffee or just during a nice family evening together.

Sometimes it’s the freshly baked, the actual scent that is adequate. Or the aesthetics of the baked goods that attracts. I know that it might sound weird but it’s the combination of the taste & smell together with how it looks that makes the whole experience. It doesn’t have to be so fancy, super stylish, big or exclusive. But it’s nevertheless important with the way it looks, you eat with your eyes too, right!

I’ll share a little secret with you – I love donuts. Not the big ones or the regular big size, even if I don´t mind them but those small tiny ones that you have to bite off in small pieces & chew carefully so they’ll last longer. A tip, check out the last image!

souvlakiforthesoul.comFreshly baked beauty /

raspberricupcakes.comNice baking utensils /

handletheheat.comOne at a time /

lacasasintiempo.comcompletely irresistible /

raspberricupcakes.comTo eat or not to eat /

photobucket.comPractical baking tin /

sweettoots.comSmall but irresistible / Blueberry Banana PancakesBlueberry banana pancakes /  Butter chocolate cupcakes /

fancy.comPerfect mix /

lizapopova via fHard to resist / lizapopova via /

gimmesomeoven.comWouldn’t last long /

rriahi.tumblr.comSomething to gather around /

thatinspirationalgirlMy absolute favourites, no matter what /

Take care / Marie

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2 thoughts on “Goodies

  1. Oh, I didn’t get that it was chocolate in them – well, donuts are always ok but I think I prefer the plain ones.


  2. Amy says:

    I love the small chocolate donuts too 🙂


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