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Mini Salad Cakes

A trio of crisp & colorful salad cakes just perfect for the next potluck buffet! They look delicious, right?

Credit: eatwell101
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Pastries – been something of an obsession for a while now. Not so much for recipes, more for the pictures.

Credit: Papo de bolo | Pinterest
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Small delicious pastries, various flavours & beautiful made – a delicious precious gift in a box.

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Daily inspiration, rocky road cheesecake

Something sweet – because it is someones birthday today ūüôā

A chocolate cake that doesn’t look too complex to bake. Thin & fluffy chocolate base with nuts & marshmallows on top. I think I would add thin banana slices too & then¬†finish off with chocolate sauce on top.


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We do not really have the food culture or habits that puts us in candy or sweets traps.¬†Instead of soft drinks, our guys have become accustomed to cold milk – which works well with any kind of food or cookies.¬†We prefer homemade food that is healthy with lots of vegetables & hearty salads. But it’s hard to resist sweets, after dinner, to the coffee or just during a nice family evening together.

Sometimes it’s the freshly baked, the actual scent that is adequate. Or the aesthetics of the baked goods that attracts. I know that it might sound weird but it’s the combination of the taste & smell together with how it looks that makes the whole experience.¬†It doesn’t have to be so fancy, super stylish, big or exclusive.¬†But it’s nevertheless important with the way it looks, you eat with your eyes too, right!

I’ll share a little secret with you – I love donuts. Not the big ones or the regular big size, even if I don¬īt mind them but those small tiny ones that you have to¬†bite off in small pieces & chew carefully so they’ll last longer.¬†A tip, check out the last image!

souvlakiforthesoul.comFreshly baked beauty / souvlakiforthesoul.com

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Take care / Marie

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