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Elsas konditori/ Elsa’s patisserie

A renowned patisserie in Vastmanland county in Sweden 🇸🇪 makes me long for Swedish pastries with the filtered coffee that’s always served to the sweets.

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Daily inspiration, chocolate

Desserts in general & exclusively handcrafted with care especially – a joy for the eye & heavenly gifts to enjoy in pleasant companionship.  Food as art – once eaten, becomes just a memory 🙂


flickr.comcardamom, chocolate and almond nougatine flickr.comcardamom

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, fruit cake

I like desserts, sweets & appreciate the taste as much as how they look. You eat as much with the eyes and if it looks appetising, the experience is all the greater. I imagine this fruit cake might be delicious, as it looks.


Take care / Marie

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