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Donna Hay

When the food is beautifully arranged and almost too nice to eat – Donna Hay can make anything look delicious.


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Appetising tropical passionfruit ice-cream meringue, sandwiches, pies or sorbets. Excited? Log into gourmet traveller for delicious recipes.



Take care / Marie

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Pleasant experience

So it’s time for something crunchy, sweet & delicious. I passed a bakery in the Italian area on the way home & took the opportunity to park the Vespa at the free place outside to buy some goodies for the evening tea. Recently baked, still warm & in a cute little box with rustle paper inside – very pleasant experience on the way home. 








Take care / Marie

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It has opened a number of bakeries in the surrounding area with little finer range but perhaps above all, passion for delicious cookies, cakes & other fresh & sweets. Very appealing of course…

deliscake / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Perfect gift

What could be better as a gift than this delicious box with cookies, wether it is for Christmas or just as a surprise. And so nice to be able to share it together as well. 



Take care / Marie

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