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Perfect gift

What could be better as a gift than this delicious box with cookies, wether it is for Christmas or just as a surprise. And so nice to be able to share it together as well. 



Take care / Marie

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Chocolate, pastries, pralines, macarons – generally small delicious sweets that lifts an ordinary moment into something very festive – through something so incredibly simple. Beautiful to look at, experience & eat 🙂 

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Take care / Marie

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Apple pie

A slice of a homemade apple pie & cup of tea – wouldn’t it taste delicious? 

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Take care / Marie

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Autumn salad

It’s supposed to be an autumn salad & looks delicious. But it is spring here in Sydney so we’ll pretend it is cold, dark & damp outside, shut out the outside world, light a fire & set the table up for a healthy meal – quinoa salad with fried cheese, avocado, apple slices, pomegranates & creamy tahini dressing.

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Take care / Marie

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Artichokes can look a bit brutish, almost as carnivorous plants. But when leaving the imagination to the side, it is extremely delicious when done well. Slightly fried or cooked in olive oil or butter, garlic & salt – it’s enough for a happy moment.

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Take care / Marie

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