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Christmas | Oranges

Oranges & the scent belongs very much to Christmas 🎄 At least if it’s one of your childhood memories 🍊

Credit: iragarnet | Instagram
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Gooseberries – bright in color with thin skin. Who doesn’t remember these from childhood, available in many colours – green, red, white or almost transparent & always included as a snack to the meal – gooseberry cream with milk.

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Christmas pudding

Can you imagine that a pudding can put a smile on my face, just because it is so

associated with Christmas, family, community & childhood memories.

gourmettraveller via twitter.com

Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, twin beds

Big & beautiful thick carpet for small children’s feet, sweet old fashioned cots, different bedspreads & bed linen. Not so special, you might think but I find that it’s cute composed. Maybe it has to do with an old dear childhood memory with siblings sleeping in the same room.


Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, clogs

Clogs, evoking childhood memories indeed. I have borrowed this picture of a friend who posted it on FB. It’s from a very nice shop in a wonderful old gallery in Sydney, Strand galleries. These has developed into nice design but the first one in the row is what I grew up with – in red! Nice image, don’t you think?

facebook.comFunkis in Sydney / facebook.com

Take care / Marie

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