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To have the privilege to travel & experience belongs to the school of life – meeting with other people, cultures, histories & languages creates a great understanding.

Part of it is also the hotel experience. Hotels often look the same but occasionally you will find small pearls that remain in your mind.


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Something to work on as it is something that is constantly relevant – at least to me. 



Take care / Marie

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An evening out…

… can look so different depending on the mood, the company & the location. Street food, bar menu or a fancy restaurant, I don’t mind. I like a mix most of the times –  different places & food but above all, the company – that’s what makes the whole experience, though.





Take care / Marie

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Stripped down

Home furnishing is personal, isn’t it? Taste can be discussed but because it’s all about cosiness & personal style, there are no right or wrong. It’s more about what you prefer.

This uncluttered, stripped down apartment is very stylish & inspiring. Fewer things makes each piece of furniture come into its own & each room a distinct experience.

home_decor_it / instagram


Take care / Marie

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Blue water

A beautiful image with the blue pool that merges with the blue water – limitless experience. 

beautifulhotels via instagram


Take care / Marie

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