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Gardens in summer are an experience of color & splendor – with visual impressions that stays with you for a long time.

Credit: lamusadelaflores.com
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White asparagus poached in white wine & butter together with a beurre blanc packed with trout rum, roe & chives! Top everything with chervil & cress & you’ll have a delicious experience in front of you.

Credit: vinlagraren.se
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A railway renaissance is coming our way, thanks to a growing interest in sustainable transportation. New railway adventures are popping up around the world & new tracks are being laid & upgraded. Who wound say no to a travel experience with the Trans-Siberian Railway!

Credit: cntraveler
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Italy 🇮🇹

Dreaming about countries & cities to visit. Missing the experience, culture & people. The food, weather & places.

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It takes a lot of patience, when you’re being reduced to one’s neighbourhood, and only go out for groceries & exercise. It’s a useful experience, given the hectic life we live today. And one can wonder why. Time for reflection & calmness has helped me appreciate the simple things around me much more. Grateful.

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