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The finest / prettiest you have, what you really appreciate, should be set in cabinets with glass doors – to be viewed & used daily for the highest possible joy…don’t you think?

Credit: klintdrupp.dk

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Sheer grey

Crockery, for various purposes, in wonderful sheer grey & light brown edge … with charming irregular design.




Take care / Marie

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Don’t you wonder over all the things we surround ourselves with, sometimes. Or the things we collect, or simply don’t have the ability to get rid of, or rather, don’t want to get rid of. Loads of things – the linen closet, china cabinet, a full wardrobe or a bookshelf full of books – or other things. We all have a preference for different things. We buy, we inherit, we get, we make, we collect & so on.

I have a fondness for textiles, right now bed linen & a big love for books. For a long time, it was wooden toys, cartoon movies, & certain plastic figures that my boys collected. Anyway, it’s rather fascinating what & how much stuff we gather over time. Things that may have no economic value, but of great importance for us, mostly because of the emotional significance.





cocolapine blogcocolapine blog













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Daily inspiration, magical

A magical picture. Nicely photographed with steaming hot beverage, the white china, the surface beneath & the hand that gently touches the cup. It’s almost poetically beautiful.

Johner Bildbyra AB via fancy.com/ Johner Bildbyra AB via fancy.com

Take care / Marie

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Porcelain pattern

Chinese blue pattern is so common in the trade nowadays, whether it is textiles, porcelain, or other. When I grew up, it was usual with the blue pattern on porcelain to collect mainly, not antique, but the kind you got at each celebration, so that you had a complete set – when it was time to leave home. There were one collection that I remember was very popular although I didn’t really fall for that particular style. I have struggled ever since then actually. I can’t really decide whether I like this kind of pattern & colour. I do that sometimes & so suddenly it feels boring & predictable. Maybe it depends on the occasion & mood, what do I know. Well, I know that some of my friends is completely in love in both this colour & pattern. Either way, it is perhaps not so bad anyway, it’s rather neat when you look at the variations of the pattern & the different blue tones of the china – Swedish East India – as I prefer to call it. What do you think?

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Take care / Marie

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