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Sóller ☀️

A cute townhouse in Mallorca, in a small village called Sóller. The house was built in the late 18th century & large, around 500 sqm with its own pool in the backyard. One of the many charming dream houses in Mallorca.

Credit: plazainterior
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Upholstered chair with timber & rattan sides which expresses elegance & comfort in a charming way. With excellent company in the rough carpet with structure & suitable color scale.

Credit: salt_creek_cottage
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Summer house

A charming summer house with wooden roofs & walls preserved. The white color on the floor plus windows & door frames makes a difference in the effort to achieve an updated look. The white furniture further enhances the light in the room.

Credit: nordiskrum
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A bit old, a bit worn but charming with its own touch. 


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Old houses, streets and cities – it’s amazing how exciting, charming and enriching they are. Always worth checking out no matter what city you visit.



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