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Old pharmacy bottles makes a charming picture in the window – where the light changes during the day.

Credit: kotijakeittio | Instagram
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Old photographs & frames – round, square or rectangular – arranged together on a white wall creates a perfect harmony. And besides, much better than buying new.

Credit: lynda.gardener
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People are fascinating. The way we move, the way we talk, our desire, progress, development, interests or lack of, choices, dreams. The way we look or the way we want to look like. Mostly it’s how we do things & how we behave that interests me. Also, the warmth, compassion & generosity – whether we know each other or not. Al in all, always very exciting & inspiring. It’s what we choose to carry within us & how we share with others that counts for me.









Take care / Marie

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Daily inspiration, appearance

Old, worn out, abandoned but so incredibly beautiful. There’s something about old buildings, it must be appearance & history through time that makes them so exciting, something you never can take from a building that has been around for a while.

bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com/ bloodandchampagne.tumblr.com

Take care / Marie

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Worn beauty / 156

Hej friends,

I am very much into vintage right now. I guess I’m influenced by all the markets I’ve been visiting with friends & family. I like the atmosphere, the feeling of excitement that creates, all individuals visiting or selling, the smell, the music, the diversity of supply, the sense of the bargain in the air, well, you know…it’s fascinating. I am quite smitten by all the stuff that have their own story, that have been someone’s beloved item, which will now be sold to & go on to new adventures. It’s also exciting that someone else can see the beauty in things that others has got tired of. It’s like a public festival & who on earth would say no to such an exciting experience. Well, I guess there are some since we all are different with different needs, expectations & interests. Fair enough. Let’s just rejoice over diversity & everyones freedom to choose. So, if you are interested in worn beauty, please scroll further…

A pleasant environment with old cotton fabrics, worn windows & an old style bath tub / Lambert

Well-chosen & carefully placed furniture & accessories, making the whole room interesting / Niceroom

Worn floors, different types of wood, muffled colors that reminds of another era / Everythingyouaskme

An old beauty with intricate details / Lambert

 Cool combination with the industrial part together with the cabinet / Tolive

Charming with the sofa, the wall & the old mirrors / Vintagevacations

Irresistible homemade toy car / Lambert

Nice solution to place old photos in beautiful glass bottles / Vintageinteriors

A cozy kitchen with old & new blended together in a nice way / Alltihemmet

A beautiful solitaire in a white environment / Skonahem

Still-life of some old nice things / Browndresswithwhitedots

All you need in a room really, wooden furniture, panel wall, old maps & comfortable feeling / Homelife

Different flooring, worn doors, lovely window & old charm / Hviturlakkris

Styling with lovely things, in a nice grouping / Alltihemmet

A newly restored beautiful old sink, with grey wooden frame around / Lambert

Take care / Marie

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